Helping Harmonize Life

The Harmonizer Effect – Naturally Improve Your Life, Health & Home.




For thousands of years human existence and life have been connected to the elementary forces that created our earth.
Every single Harmonizer harnesses these forces. They help harmonize and vitalise your space with the pure power of the Earth and Nature.

Our experts created these hand-picked mineral mixtures, composed of rare natural elements from around the world. They balance out electrosmog and geopathic disturbance zones; build a natural protection barrier andraise your life, health and home energy.

“Find balance, energy and happiness the natural way”

“It changed my Home, for the better”

Since purchasing my Harmonizer HOME, our apartment feels warmer, happier and more energetic. The improvement was immediately noticeable, the kids feel calmer and the family has a better overall relationship. Even our dog seems more relaxed and happy!


A lifelong interest in nature and its interrelationships. Born and educated in a family that has been practising the craft of geomancy for several hundred years. Throughout childhood given practical training in geology, crystallography, and geometry and the feeling of understanding natural entities and forces.

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Benefited from family teachings, the knowledge of the old building lodges, how to apply this knowledge and in selecting and understanding energetic influence of places and how to modulate the qualities of a place through suitable architecture.

Occupation with water since childhood in nature and science. Deep passion for the oceans and their creatures. Scuba diver since the age of 8.

Relevant studies include molecular genetics and natural science, the latter including study trips to historical sites on all continents except North America.

Years of experience in a technical development laboratory. This included training in photodynamic therapies, water analysis, structuring and practical work with the effects of electromagnetic fields on cell cultures and plants.

Trained doctors in effect and use of orthomolecular medicine in Central Europe for almost a decade.

Practical geomantic work since a teenager.
Amateur radio operator class 1 CEPT. Development of wire and yagi antennas.

15 years of fruitful collaboration with Günther on many international projects in architecture and geomancy & development of Harmonizers.

A mineral seeker since childhood, I am also trained in the understanding of the 230 crystal groups, their effects and properties of crystalline structures as they occur in minerals. My father and grandfather taught me the millennia-old knowledge about the professional use of crystalline structures for geomantic processes. I was able to develop this deep understanding of ancient knowledge further, through visits to a variety of historical places and buildings such as churches, cathedrals, castles, temples, and historic settlements. An early practical application of my knowledge was the development of special glass mixtures. By adding crystalline structure, we achieved special light conducting effects for optical-electrical devices. With the HARMONIZER Collection, the fruits of this knowledge until now only taught in secret, becomes available to everyone in our day to day life.


Born in rural South Africa to Austrian parents who were there to support an agricultural project and the development of local infrastructure. Son of a gifted technician, inventor and entrepreneur who constantly sought out new ideas and ways of doing/making things better.

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Spent the formative first 5 years of life in the southern hemisphere before relocating to Austria. The combined influences of the southern and northern hemispheres enable a ready connection with most unfamiliar places and cultures.

Completed training as a mechanical engineer before falling victim to severe illness at age 19. Made a full recovery despite people (including Doctors) considering this doubtful and viewing a future working career as unlikely. Achieved this by studying and applying natural therapies; ecological gardening; herbs and healthy food; mental training; and alternative technologies.

After recovery, volunteered in the UK for a holistic project. Supported young and middle-aged disabled people. Provided learning and training in fundamental skills like gardening, crafts and living under the same roof to make up for missing family support.

Subsequent travel and work projects in New Zealand have enabled study with native Māori learning ancient techniques of creating energetic places for living in harmony and healing. This established a desire to study more on the wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors. An “engineering-mind” allied with strong intuition created a curiosity to explore, trial and ultimately adapt these teachings to our modern society.

All successive travels have included looking for the roots of alternative means of living, building, working, and healing. Discovered that similar traditional, but highly potent (in many places nearly lost) wisdom and knowledge can be found globally. Visited and studied the above teachings in many countries, (including Australia, Hawaii, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Morocco, Egypt, USA, Central America, Latin America, all over Europe, Hongkong, China, Thailand, Vietnam and many more).

Developed not only as modern adaption of successful Feng Shui practises, the Harmomizer devices were developed using an abundance of natural-based academic research. He recognised very early on that minerals, when properly combined and processed, can be THE key to a healthier, more harmonious and successful life. The Harmonizer collection was born as a result of many experiments and close cooperation with Gerhard.


Born and raised in a rural area in Scotland that inspired a fascination with nature from an early age. In adult life developed a keen interest in how nature can help mental and physical health.
When major health problems arose I researched alternative/natural remedies to supplement the traditional treatments being received.

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During this period attended many personal development workshops, EFT programmes, energy healing and many more.

Moved to Cyprus in 2020 seeking a climate better suited to his health needs and was introduced to the personal pocket harmoniser by Gunther. Quickly felt the impact it had on the immediate environment. And credits the harmoniser with contributing to the improving quality of his health since then.

Having discussed the research and development work completed by Gerhard and Gunther has joined them to increase upon the thousands of people who already use and benefit from the full range of harmoniser products.

“I am so proud to be part of a wonderful project that hopefully can make as much difference to many other people as it has done to me.

Become part of the growing number of people all over the world using natural minerals, that mother nature gave us, to help improve the quality of life for you and your loved ones.

EMF Protection (Including 5G)

100% Natural Ingredients

Improved Health & Wellness

Promotes Clarity & Concentration

Mission & Vision

We know that this world isn’t perfect. There are many things that can affect our day-to-day lives. Stress, health concerns, electrosmog, and external factors (including our living environment) can all negatively impact on your quality of life and that of those around you.

We want to reconnect you with nature. And bring positive natural elements into your life to help you combat these daily negative influences and stressors. Our experts’ hand-selected minerals from around the world create our signature blends of minerals that are designed to help you live life the way it should be lived – in harmony.



How quickly can the effect begin?

The effect begins immediately, with the activated minerals already changing your space and energy. Everyone responds to the Harmonizer in their own unique way as the beneficial influence is there for you all the time.


Can there be "too much" Harmonizer?

All Harmonizers are designed in such a way that over-energization is impossible. The activated minerals are adapted to typical environments and spaces. See our full range of products to find the best Harmonizer for your space and requirements. 


Can I have more than one Harmonizer?

Absolutely! We have designed several different versions to ensure the best fit for any space. You can even combine Harmonizers to find the perfect combination for your work or living environment.


Do the Harmonizers make you more sensitive?

This is entirely possible and can be a positive effect. but is to be understood in a positive sense. The Harmonizer can help you become more balanced, stable and energetic. As you can subsequently draw more from the Harmonizer, your perception and intuition may also expand. 


How do animals react to the Harmonizers?

Animals sense the subtle radiance of people, places and objects particularly well, the reactions are often quite clear. From our observations, animals have become more social and independent when left at home and are more relaxed and safe.


Does a Harmonizer have to stand in one place all the time or can it be moved around?

The Harmonizers have been designed to seamlessly fit into any surrounding. They should ideally be left in their original place although can be moved if required. Acting as a centrepiece or piece of décor, the Harmonizer Collection offers various ranges that are optimized for certain spaces, such as bedroom, work desk and more!


Are Harmonizers comparable to the application of (semi-)gemstones?

In reality no, because much more essential minerals are used in the Harmonizers, such as quartz, basalts, or carbonates (and many lesser-known ones that are equally important building blocks of our earth). The composition, the way the minerals are activated, the size and many other factors make them unique to the environment they are designed for.

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