Why activated minerals are the most natural and enduring energizers

Activated minerals are what make the Harmonizer products shine and help improve spaces around the world! Read below how this ancient science has influenced modern-day practises in Feng Shui and health & wellbeing practices.

Every region on this earth is unique. Depending on the soil composition and presence of activated minerals on which we live (rocks, ores, minerals, gravel, clay, etc.), unique fauna and flora have developed in every landscape. Anyone who is familiar with plants can even draw clear conclusions about the nature of the subsoil based on the prevailing vegetation. Nor was it by chance that different cultures, traditions, mentalities and constitutional types developed…

Activated Minerals

We, humans, are also strongly influenced by the geology of our habitat.
Just compare ethnic groups that live on mountains, on coasts, on endlessly wide steppes or on the banks of large rivers:

  • Where are people open, where rather closed?
  • Where are they passionate and vivacious, and where, on the other hand, are they relaxed and easy-going?
  • Where do mostly tall, slender people live, and where do short, stocky people tend to live?
  • Where do you quickly feel constricted and stressed, even when travelling,
  • Where can you easily find peace?

Geological Influence

The special geology of a place with activated minerals has a decisive influence on our physical and mental well-being! Unfortunately, this very important knowledge is almost completely lost today. Our ancestors knew all about these connections. And use them in every situation.

Before building a house or founding a village, certain minerals were always applied to the ground in order to create a healthy, invigorating microclimate. They were also able to disperse geological disturbances such as water veins or faults.

Ancient Influence

In ancient times, for example, they used terrazzo floors of different compositions to achieve a very specific room atmosphere and effect. Or they anchored special cornerstones (with activated minerals) around which important places could grow and develop healthily.

The ancient Romans even built their roads in an ingenious, multi-layered mineral construction. This had a particularly beneficial and strengthening effect on the legs, which allowed the legionnaires to advance quickly and without tiring.

On the other hand, if you compare how poor in life energy almost all modern roads, floors and buildings are built today…

Environmental Energy

It’s no wonder that after a short time in the shopping centre, we get tired and suffer from aching feet. When we hardly get any rest at home, sleep badly or our heads are buzzing more often. When our children can’t concentrate for long at school and absolutely don’t want to play or study in their room at home. When we just can’t find what we’re doing in the office and look in vain for a drive.

For more and more people everything is too much. They suffer from stress, inner restlessness, insomnia, depression, chronic fatigue and many other symptoms of our modern times. And that’s not just to do with increased demands – it’s much more a direct consequence of an energy-sapping environment and the lack of activated minerals.

Harmonizer: The art of harmonious living rediscovered

The Harmonizers have not only dug up this old knowledge in the proverbial sense. They use the individual effectiveness and radiance of a wide variety of minerals, some of which are very rare, from all over the world to energize rooms. So that we humans can recharge our batteries and find our centre.

Depending on the area of ​​application and the goal of the application, each harmonizer contains a different amount of ground and additionally activated minerals. Your dose is designed so that there can be no “too much” and no side effects.

They interact individually with the installation site and the people in the area. Thus, it creates a natural, soothing energetic space within which the body remembers how whole it could be and finally begins to readjust itself.

Even if we keep the recipes of these activated minerals top secret, and with it the special activation process (which increases their power even further): their beneficial effects are no longer!)

Harmonizer Home


Everyone tries to make their house a home, but it’s not always easy and sometimes there can be factors at work that you might not be aware of. The Harmonizer Home is the most efficient way of improving the energy of the home positively and constructively which benefits all inhabitants.

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