An Incredible Story of

How It All Began

This is just unreal! Just as I urgently need to make a call, the hands-free system is failing. Apparently lifeless. I look at my passenger. “It’s not that old after all…” As if he were responsible for it or had any technical knowledge of car electronics or mobile phone accessories. He is simply a friend and colleague from earlier working days together when we taught doctors and naturopaths about the world of computer-assisted energy medicine. He scratches his head thoughtfully. “Stop when you can,” he murmurs quietly, lost in his own thoughts.

I know him. He comes across as a little odd, but in a pleasant, utterly endearing way. If he says something, then it has a meaning, even if that meaning may not be obvious to you. So, I head for the next parking lot. He grabs his backpack, which was tucked between his legs, gets out, walks a few meters to the side, puts the backpack down, returns and sticks his head in through the open door: “Try again!” My expression echoes question marks. “Telephone,” he smiles at me. It takes me a moment to understand, look at the speakerphone, and finally activate voice dialing… “Hello?”

A short, crystal-clear phone call later companion havinghas fetched his backpack sits down next to me. “Call again, please.” Frown. What is he up to?. No signal at all. As if the phone call I just had was the last sign of life on my speakerphone. Followed by the final exit. “Are you magnetic?” I ask him because I can’t think of anything better. He just grins mischievously, rummages in his satchel, pulls out a small can and holds it in front of my nose. “Activated minerals,” he says tersely, obviously enjoying seeing my facial expressions lose their intelligent traits…

The secret of minerals…

My friend was fortunate to meet people from a young age who passed on the old knowledge, which was daily bread in many cultures but was hardly recorded and has now been forgotten by most, from generation to generation and thus keeps it alive. Knowledge of forces in nature as wondrous as the stones that overrode the hands-free device. He is not someone who lectures his immense knowledge with a raised index finger like a high school teacher. His enthusiasm and understanding gains your trust. And when he begins to tell a story, it is more exciting than any adventure novel.

He draws various landscape forms on the canvas of my imagination. Explaining why we find peace and relaxation so easily in some places in nature, while elsewhere we tend to get tingly and active. Aand what all this has to do with the mineral subsoil that has a different composition everywhere. Everything is plausible and understandable from personal experience. He then outlines how early cultures made use of these observations. How, for example, when building settlements in strategically important but conceivably unfavorable places, they brought various mineral mixtures underground in order to improve the atmosphere of the place. How the Romans provided their roads with a multi-layer mineral structure that gave the legionnaires a quick, enabled long and fatigue-free progress. How they dragged stones from distant regions for buildings that were supposed to fulfil a very specific task, instead of using the nearest quarry, precisely because the stone is not just stone.

I am astonished . Although: taking nature as a model is nothing new. Leonardo da Vinci tried to transfer the flight of birds to the construction of his flying machines. Today this is called bionics – the technical use of natural phenomena. The hook and loop fastener, which has become indispensable today, was actually inspired by burdock and water-repellent facade paint by the lotus plant.

He tells me that the secret of minerals lie in their inner, incomparably stable crystal structure. Formed over millions of years under high pressure and heat, they are among the most resilient natural resources in the world. Even if we smash and crumble stones – their crystalline core remains undamaged even in the smallest grain of sand. However, we must not confuse stable with rigid, because crystals vibrate, gently and constantly…

Just as the quartz in the clock of the same name pulsates and thus sets a certain rhythm, all crystals build up a specific, physical vibration field. With some minerals, this field has calming, relaxing properties, while others have a stimulating and revitalizing effect. The type of effect depends, among other things, on the geometry of the crystals. We know this from snowflakes that freeze on window panes. We will never discover two identical crystal forms. But what we can marvel at in every single one is the apparent harmony.

In addition, we are “clocked” to these natural, mineral fields because our entire human evolution to date has taken place there. In addition to other important physical basic conditions of our life, such as sunlight or the earth’s magnetic field, it is therefore above all the mineral environment of our living space that provides us with strength and energy.

Unfortunately, our modern technological advances – AC, radio and high-frequency technology – have placed a thick blanket of numbing, tiring and energy-draining frequencies over these all-important natural force fields as an “undesirable side

My friend could go on endlessly, and he probably does too. But my attention wanders. I have been dealing with health issues for almost 30 years, mostly even professionally. I know the development curves of lifestyle diseases, I’ve written about burnout, I’ve dealt with statistics on the quality of sleep-in industrialized countries, and I’ve read studies on the influence of electrosmog on our biology. I know about the health problems of our time and now I see… the lightning bolt of realisation hits the centre of my inspiration…


When I speak briefly to share my flash of inspiration, my companion has to smile. Since everything has two sides, he has developed a technology that can be used to additionally stimulate and activate minerals. If you also choose the right mineral mixture, you can create the right solution for practically every need: sleep better, relax more deeply, regenerate faster, recharge your batteries, reduce stress, work more concentrated, and think more creatively, … – the possibilities are almost non- existent set limits!

A lot has happened since then. Long development and testing work. adjustments. modifications. reviews. After all, we didn’t want to paralyse hands- free devices with our active minerals, but rather offer beneficial, energy-giving mineral mixtures that are compatible with everyone.

These are now available in an extremely effective form and tailor-made for the most diverse areas of application: the HARMONIZER.

The elementary knowledge that is in the harmonizers is not only invaluable, but the ongoing research work is also quite complex. Nevertheless, we want to continue to keep the price of these wonderful products as cheap as possible in the future, so that everyone can benefit from them and improve their quality of life. You too. We hope you enjoy it!

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