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How quickly can the effect begin?

The effect begins immediately, with the activated minerals already changing your space and energy. Everyone responds to the Harmonizer in their own unique way as the beneficial influence is there for you all the time.


Can there be "too much" Harmonizer?

All Harmonizers are designed in such a way that over-energization is impossible. The activated minerals are adapted to typical environments and spaces. See our full range of products to find the best Harmonizer for your space and requirements. 


Can I have more than one Harmonizer?

Absolutely! We have designed several different versions to ensure the best fit for any space. You can even combine Harmonizers to find the perfect combination for your work or living environment.


Do the Harmonizers make you more sensitive?

This is entirely possible and can be a positive effect. but is to be understood in a positive sense. The Harmonizer can help you become more balanced, stable and energetic. As you can subsequently draw more from the Harmonizer, your perception and intuition may also expand. 


How do animals react to the Harmonizers?

Animals sense the subtle radiance of people, places and objects particularly well, the reactions are often quite clear. From our observations, animals have become more social and independent when left at home and are more relaxed and safe.


Does a Harmonizer have to stand in one place all the time or can it be moved around?

The Harmonizers have been designed to seamlessly fit into any surrounding. They should ideally be left in their original place although can be moved if required. Acting as a centrepiece or piece of décor, the Harmonizer Collection offers various ranges that are optimized for certain spaces, such as bedroom, work desk and more!


Are Harmonizers comparable to the application of (semi-)gemstones?

In reality no, because much more essential minerals are used in the Harmonizers, such as quartz, basalts, or carbonates (and many lesser-known ones that are equally important building blocks of our earth). The composition, the way the minerals are activated, the size and many other factors make them unique to the environment they are designed for.

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