Activated Minerals

Start every day the right way, with a clear and fresh attitude. Give more to your workspace and better support your team. Bring peace to your home and the ones you love.





The Harmonizer Effect.

Minerals at Work

Our signature formula of minerals from across the globe is brought together to achieve the renowned Harmonizer effect that is improving lives daily.

Enhance Energy

Reconnect with your natural self, alleviate your stress and balance your body’s energies using minerals that specifically address your everyday needs.

EMF Protection

You are constantly being exposed to more (Electric and magnetic fields e.g. 5G) EMF every day, even whilst sleeping, working, and travelling. 

For Every Lifestyle

A convenient and simple solution to raise the energy and protect you and your family in a natural way and create a new, healthy and vibrant environment at home, work or on the go.

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way.

Activated Mineral Harmonizer.

About Us.

We want to reconnect you with nature, bringing positive natural elements into your life to help combat draining energies and influences. Our experts have hand-selected minerals from around the world, creating our signature blends of minerals that are designed to help you live life the way it should be lived – in harmony.

"Mom, I've been sleeping sooo well again for a few days. Even if I wake up in the night, I can fall back asleep right away!"

– Judith

"I feel much more balanced, and my hormonal fluctuations have also noticeably reduced."

– Manuella

"...like good espresso! While I used to need a nap after lunch, I can now get on with my work."

– Eve

"...a whole new quality of driving. I feel fresher and more awake and at the same time more relaxed and relaxed. My car has become a real comfort zone for me."

– Jurgen

"My vitality and daily energy is simply much greater!"

– Ingrid

"After a few days, a real surge of energy set in. Since then I've been really buoyant and full of energy and don't need a break after work at all."

– Anneliese

"I feel really refreshed the first time I wake up in the morning."

– Vanessa

"My sleep is more restful and even after a short night I feel much more energetic."

– Ivonne

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