Harmonizer Board Meeting Room

Every discussion and meeting is relevant to the well-being of the company. No matter whether it is a board meeting, annual budget or strategic planning, a Zoom meeting with external partners, suppliers or customers or regular project team meetings. Every room in which meetings and discussions take place directly influences the results achieved here.

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About Harmonizer Board Meeting Room

The Harmonizer Board Meeting Room can help manage the workspace and provide a more tranquil and constructive environment that serves all participant, delivering clear and effective communication. See how you can improve the atmosphere of your boardroom to facilitate better business and stimulate engaging conversation. By managing factors that could limit or hinder your communications you can prevent any miscommunications and encourage a healthier and more engaging conversation, leading to more interesting discussions and better resolutions.


180mm X 148mm X 148mm, Weight: 2680g


Up to 13M radius


Glass/Resin, natural vine branches, activated minerals (quartz, basalt, carbonates, carbons, etc.); purely natural without chemical admixtures.


Please note that this product line is in the early stages of development and therefore is subject to imperfections and blemishes that do not affect its overall capability but may hinder their visual appeal. This is only applicable to the base element of the product and not the sealed stone. This discount presents a limited-time opportunity to get a Harmonizer product at a significantly reduced rate!

Protecting You Against

A range of mobile devices, including mobile cell phones, tablets and laptops.

Mobile Devices & Electronics

Radar, and other forms of electrical signalling are know to have adverse effects on vegetation and wildlife, due to its constant levels require for its use.


Geopathic stress occurs as a result of distur- bances in the earth's magnetic field. These can occur either through natural disturbances such as geologi- cal faults and underground water, or through man- made disturbances.

Home Geopathy

Railway lines often come with a lot of other electrical components that emit considerable amounts of radiation into the surrounding atmosphere.

Railway Lines

Transformers are key for access to electricity, but can produce high levels of radiation that can be damaging to humans and animals.

Transformers & Power Lines

Wi-Fi has become a home necessity, but has introduced a base-level of radiation to most homes and we are only now seeing the effects that this can cause on those constantly exposed.

Wi-Fi Signals

With the evolution of mobile technology we can now see harmful levels of radiation becoming widespread and affecting wildlife.

3G, 4G, and 5G

General radiation exists in nature, but can be manipulated by artificial components that can then create risks to humans and wildlife in its vicinity.


Clear, Cohesive Thinking

It’s easy to lose focus on a conference call, especially when multiple participants are engaging simultaneously, losing vital pieces of information being shared in the chaos. The rationale can be lost as frustration becomes apparent from participants with those engaging and not being heard and those not able to engage at all, leaving the conference leaders struggling to achieve their end goal. The harmonizer board meeting room can help manage the flow of the conversation, leading to a more shared and cohesive environment, with participants remaining conscious of others and courteous to all points shared. By facilitating a paced and structured environment, the conference participants are better equipped to share, process, and understand the information that is being shared and contribute more to the open discussion that is taking place. 

Harmonizer Board Room
Harmonizer Board Meeting Room

Responsible Communication

From weak connections to talking over others, communication remains at the forefront of business and development and with negative influences, can have disastrous effects on an operating business. Participants may not be as open to suggestions from their peers and also may struggle with being able to discuss “issues” constructively due to negative influences that prevent them from feeling comfortable enough to actively participate. The Harmonizer Board Meeting Room supports participants, allowing them to receive input and take accountability for their role. It allows them to understand the situation better and work together with their peers for a mutual resolution that benefits them and the business.

Better Mood Management

Mood management is another vital aspect to manage in a conference setting, with issues such as connection, clarity, and potential barriers all working against you to hinder effective communication. Members that experience this will endure negative influences on their moods, affecting their ability to participate and this can then also affect other participants. We wanted to establish a comfortable baseline that all participants can associate with, preventing influences from derailing the meeting and better supporting participants. The Harmonizer Board Meeting Room introduces this baseline and allows participants to focus on solution-oriented communication, providing a healthier and more constructive environment where ideas can be listened to and participants feel heard.

Harmonizer Board Room
Create positive vibes and keep Energy high to overcome any obstacle.

Create a Positive Atmosphere

Focus on common goals and achieve them together.

Feel Productive and Energized

Create an engaging Board room that promotes a solution-oriented mindset.

Solution based Mindset

Help everyone focus on the common goal and work together to achieve success.

Contributing to Success

Have efficient meetings that achieve more and lead to faster results.

Efficient & Faster Results


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