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Harmonizer Home

Everyone tries to make their house a home, but it’s not always easy and sometimes there can be factors at work that you might not be aware of. The Harmonizer Home is the most efficient way of improving the energy of the home positively and constructively which benefits all inhabitants.


About Harmonizer Home

The Harmonizer Home is a great addition to every home, allowing those residing there to feel more relaxed and unaffected by detrimental influences that can affect the average home. Many devices and infrastructure can effect us in our daily lives, so we wanted to create something that would protect the home and help those living their better manage these influences. Below are some of the main aggravating factors that the Harmonizer Home can assist with managing.


Height 136mm, Diameter: 160mm, Weight: 1300g


Height: 140mm, Diameter: 105mm, Weight:, 1020g


Up to 10M, best placed in a central position.


Murano Glass/Ceramic, activated minerals (quartz, basalt, carbonates, carbons, etc.); purely natural without chemical admixtures.

Protecting You Against

A range of mobile devices, including mobile cell phones, tablets and laptops.

Mobile Devices & Electronics

Radar, and other forms of electrical signalling are know to have adverse effects on vegetation and wildlife, due to its constant levels require for its use.


Railway lines often come with a lot of other electrical components that emit considerable amounts of radiation into the surrounding atmosphere.

Railway Lines

Transformers are key for access to electricity, but can produce high levels of radiation that can be damaging to humans and animals.

Transformers & Power Lines

Wi-Fi has become a home necessity, but has introduced a base-level of radiation to most homes and we are only now seeing the effects that this can cause on those constantly exposed.

Wi-Fi Signals

With the evolution of mobile technology we can now see harmful levels of radiation becoming widespread and affecting wildlife.

3G, 4G, and 5G

General radiation exists in nature, but can be manipulated by artificial components that can then create risks to humans and wildlife in its vicinity.


Home Geopathy

Geopathogenic zones exist in the home, workplace or our favourite restaurant. These zones can have a detrimental effect on us (physically and mentally) but can be managed with the right tools. The Harmonizer Home works with you to combat the influences from these locations and create a more constructive and supportive home. You may not realize you live/travel in these zones so it remains important that you equip yourself to manage these influences to preserve your mind and body. 

Harmonizer Home - Nested
Harmonizer Home Red and Yellow Egg

Harmonize Your Home

Harmonious living is often something newborn parents can only dream of, and with a growing family, this dilemma of how to manage living and working can often create friction in the family dynamic. People want their homes to be a safe haven. Somewhere they can forget the stresses of life outside. A place where they can relax spending time with family and/or friends. The Harmonizer Home can help create a calming, relaxing atmosphere. Freeing you and those around you from negative influences. Creating a harmonious, peaceful and welcoming environment.

The power of the Harmonizer home is not only limited to humans – with proven positive effects on both pets and house plants!  Improving a pet’s demeanor and behavior is what every pet owner dreams of, so why not create a space that makes your pet feel right at home? Plants are also affected, proving to have more growth stimulation and contributing more to the living space and benefiting the whole family.

The Benefits Of Harmonizer Home

Creates a welcoming environment full of good energy and vibrations.

Relaxed, Calming Atmosphere

Neutralise E-smog effects from around your home, such as Bluetooth and wireless devices, maintaining a healthy living space.


At home everything is harmonised, allowing your Home to become an oasis for everyone living there.

Harmonized Home

Shaking off the stresses absorbed during the day.

Increased Mood & Mental Health

Suitable for all family members Suitable for all age groups

Suitable For Pets Too!


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