Harmonizer Office

Work is a key part of our lives and can sometimes present challenges that can reduce our drive and affect our mood – so how can we manage this? The Harmonizer Office can help with increasing your performance at work and provide a better, more positive outlook on the challenges that are presented to you. With an improved mindset, you’ll find a shift in the way you approach mundane tasks with a fresh and energetic attitude that benefits you and the job you’re doing. 


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About Harmonizer Office

Working is important to our lives, giving us the chance to progress and develop ourselves and support our families. The Harmonizer office is a great addition to any office space, giving the space a new positive foundation that actively supports a more constructive and efficient workspace. Its natural ability to increase productivity whilst combatting interferences in the workplace can help individuals become more creative and receptive to ideas and tasks.


Height: 140mm, Diameter: 105mm, Weight: 1020g


Up to 10M radius


Murano Glass, activated minerals (quartz, basalt, carbonates, carbons, etc.); purely natural without chemical admixtures.

Protecting You Against

A range of mobile devices, including mobile cell phones, tablets and laptops.

Mobile Devices & Electronics

Radar, and other forms of electrical signalling are know to have adverse effects on vegetation and wildlife, due to its constant levels require for its use.


Geopathic stress occurs as a result of distur- bances in the earth's magnetic field. These can occur either through natural disturbances such as geologi- cal faults and underground water, or through man- made disturbances.

Home Geopathy

Railway lines often come with a lot of other electrical components that emit considerable amounts of radiation into the surrounding atmosphere.

Railway Lines

Transformers are key for access to electricity, but can produce high levels of radiation that can be damaging to humans and animals.

Transformers & Power Lines

Wi-Fi has become a home necessity, but has introduced a base-level of radiation to most homes and we are only now seeing the effects that this can cause on those constantly exposed.

Wi-Fi Signals

With the evolution of mobile technology we can now see harmful levels of radiation becoming widespread and affecting wildlife.

3G, 4G, and 5G

General radiation exists in nature, but can be manipulated by artificial components that can then create risks to humans and wildlife in its vicinity.


Natural Creativity

Creativity is the foundation of great ideas and essential to workplace success, allowing new ideas to be shared and discussed confidently and respectfully. The Harmonizer stimulates the workplace, increasing worker vitality and reducing the impact of detrimental factors outside of the workplace. By creating a more welcoming and constructive workspace, worker focus is increased and they feel better equipped to complete their tasks and duties calmly and professionally. 

Harmonizer Office

Using Devices Safely

Modern workplaces are filled with various computers and devices that are meant to support workplace efficiency and help workers complete their tasks and duties – but are they that supportive? All these devices surrounding the workplace can prove to be a distraction and lead to detrimental effects on the workers, limiting their efficiency and dampening their ability to work. Using the Harmonizer can help alleviate these distractions over time, helping workers better manage the interferences they are presented with and giving them the tools to conduct themselves in a more constructive way that supports their development. 

The Benefits Of The Harmonizer Office

Motivate your team the right way and help them achieve their goals and targets.

Motivate Your Team

Greater concentration, increasing overall attention span and helping stay focused on work tasks and goals.

Greater Concentration

Help individuals better manage their energy, so they feel more vibrant and less drained.

Better Energy Management

Increase productivity and get more work done in a day.

Improve Productivity


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