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Harmonizer Sleep

Having trouble sleeping and looking for a natural way to fall asleep more peacefully? Try the Harmonizer Sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Suitable for Adults and Children to support a better night’s sleep whilst protecting from Electrosmog, Geopathogenic Loads and other technical distractions we face every day. 


About Harmonizer Sleep

Looking for a better night’s sleep? The Harmonizer sleep has been developed by industry professionals to provide individuals with the right tools to achieve healthier sleep whilst managing the interferences that affect us every day. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose the Harmonizer Sleep for your home and loved ones: 

Egg (Single)

Height: 90mm, Diameter: 63mm, Weight: 330g

Nest (Double)

Height: 107mm, Diameter: 123mm, Weight: 610g


Best placed as close to the bed as possible for the best results. Ideal range of 2.5M radius (Single) and 3.5M radius (Nested)


Murano Glass/Ceramic, activated minerals (quartz, basalt, carbonates, carbons, etc.); purely natural without chemical admixtures.

Protecting You Against

A range of mobile devices, including mobile cell phones, tablets and laptops.

Mobile Devices & Electronics

Radar, and other forms of electrical signalling are know to have adverse effects on vegetation and wildlife, due to its constant levels require for its use.


Geopathic stress occurs as a result of distur- bances in the earth's magnetic field. These can occur either through natural disturbances such as geologi- cal faults and underground water, or through man- made disturbances.

Home Geopathy

Railway lines often come with a lot of other electrical components that emit considerable amounts of radiation into the surrounding atmosphere.

Railway Lines

Transformers are key for access to electricity, but can produce high levels of radiation that can be damaging to humans and animals.

Transformers & Power Lines

Wi-Fi has become a home necessity, but has introduced a base-level of radiation to most homes and we are only now seeing the effects that this can cause on those constantly exposed.

Wi-Fi Signals

With the evolution of mobile technology we can now see harmful levels of radiation becoming widespread and affecting wildlife.

3G, 4G, and 5G

General radiation exists in nature, but can be manipulated by artificial components that can then create risks to humans and wildlife in its vicinity.


Sleep Easy, Anywhere

Anyone that lives in the city knows the impact Electrosmog can have on an individual, especially with prolonged exposure. Alternating currents, excessive use of mobile phones and computers, and wireless networks can all interfere with a person and cause havoc with their sleep. If you live in an area that experiences these very threats, the Harmonizer sleep can help you and your family combat these negative interferences with a natural and effective tool that lasts a lifetime.

Harmonizer Sleep - Single
Harmonizer Sleep - Single Blue and Sky Blue

No Distractions, Just Rest

Blue light exposure has been recently put into the spotlight, with new evidence showing how large-scale technology companies utilise this to keep us active and engaged. While this benefits them, it does not benefit the individual and can often leave people feeling tired, unrested and exhausted – so how can we stop it? The Harmonizer Sleep works with the Endocrinology system to combat the detrimental effects of prolonged blue-light exposure and can help users achieve “Health Sleep” and “Recovery Sleep”

A Natural Answer to a
Modern Problem

Harmonious sleep is often something newborn parents can only dream of, and with a growing family, this dilemma of how to manage sleep can often create friction in the family dynamic. The Harmonizer sleep can work for both the children and parents to create a calming, relaxing atmosphere that works with you in achieving a better night’s sleep.

Each of the Harmonizer Sleep products is made by hand in Cyprus and each has unique patterns, making each one special. We work with local artists to create these amazing designs that can serve as the vessel for the activated Harmonizer minerals. We opted for a glass vessel and ceramic nest as we wanted to be as close to a natural solution as possible, whilst also not limiting our creative potential with designs, patterns, prints and colours.

Harmonizer Sleep - Nested White and Green

The Benefits Of The Harmonizer Sleep

Fall asleep as easy as 3, 2, 1! Free from distractions and influences that would deprive you from a restful, healthy sleep.

Fall Asleep in
3, 2, 1…

Increase your bodies natural healing process and improve your own cell regeneration.

Improved Cell Regeneration

Boost your bodies natural repair and recovery rates to keep you healthy.

Promoted Repair & Recovery 

Especially important for people with weak immune systems, because stresses such as esmog etc. are harmonised.

Supporting The Immune System


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