Disabled due to electrosmog: State pension awarded

The discussion as to whether electromagnetic radiation and electrosmog affects our health and our sleep quality is often misleading and distorted for economic reasons. But now, for the first time, there has been an all clearer judicial verdict…

What is Electrosmog?

It has been known since the end of the 18th century at the latest that humans are bioelectrical beings. Above all, the heart is the strongest muscle in the body, but the brain, nerves, glands, muscles and organs constantly generate electrical current impulses. Even the smallest changes in the electrical charge of the air – such as an impending change in the weather – disrupt our bioelectricity, which many perceive as sensitivity to the weather. 

How Does Electrosmog Affect Us?

Even if we don’t feel it directly: all technical radiation irritates our biology both directly and indirectly, because electromagnetic fields also adversely change the field structures of our natural environment (which also have a permanent effect on us). Nevertheless, many still believe that the massive wave salad of radio, cell phones, WLAN, microwaves, PCs and the like leaves us completely unaffected.

Precedent: French court recognizes harmful effects of electrosmog

Some people have a particularly low tolerance to artificial electromagnetic radiation – their body reacts immediately with headaches and joint pains, nausea and other symptoms when they approach a transmission mast or a person using a mobile phone. Or with insomnia when the neighbour turns on his WiFi. Like Marine R. from Marseille…

What Did The Electrosmog Do?

The former journalist suffers from Electrosensitivity or Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS). And that’s not all that rare. According to estimates by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection, 6-9% of the population in Germany is affected. To escape the pain, Marine lived in a cocoon for years. During the day she protected herself from electromagnetic radiation with a specially coated cape, at night she slept in a Faraday cage.

Five years ago she finally gave up her big city life and job and moved to an old stone house in the Pyrenees, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, without electricity and cell phones. And now a French court has even awarded her a monthly pension of 800 euros. The judge concluded from their medical reports that their health problems were clearly caused by electromagnetic radiation. For a period of three years (after which she must submit a new application), he classified Marine as 85% severely disabled and therefore unable to work! A precedent that could spark many similar lawsuits…

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