Harmonizer Personal

Like a wallet or bunch of keys, it is best always to have the Harmonizer Personal with you! Suitable for travelling, working or relaxing at home, the Harmonizer Personal becomes your trusted companion protecting and soothing you throughout the day.


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About Harmonizer Personal

We’re always on the go, working, and travelling, there is no stopping us from exploring the world and experiencing new environments, but there is a way to protect yourself and your loved ones naturally and sustainably. The Harmonizer personal is the best travel companion you could ask for, always working and supporting you as you explore the world and do what you love. There are always interferences and changes that can negatively affect us, sometimes without us even noticing, so why not take a more natural approach to shield yourself from these influences? 




Up to 50cm from the point of contact.


Walnut Wood, activated minerals (quartz, basalt, carbonates, carbons, etc.); purely natural without chemical admixtures.

A range of mobile devices, including mobile cell phones, tablets and laptops.

Mobile Devices & Electronics

Radar, and other forms of electrical signalling are know to have adverse effects on vegetation and wildlife, due to its constant levels require for its use.


Geopathic stress occurs as a result of distur- bances in the earth's magnetic field. These can occur either through natural disturbances such as geologi- cal faults and underground water, or through man- made disturbances.

Home Geopathy

Railway lines often come with a lot of other electrical components that emit considerable amounts of radiation into the surrounding atmosphere.

Railway Lines

Transformers are key for access to electricity, but can produce high levels of radiation that can be damaging to humans and animals.

Transformers & Power Lines

Wi-Fi has become a home necessity, but has introduced a base-level of radiation to most homes and we are only now seeing the effects that this can cause on those constantly exposed.

Wi-Fi Signals

With the evolution of mobile technology we can now see harmful levels of radiation becoming widespread and affecting wildlife.

3G, 4G, and 5G

General radiation exists in nature, but can be manipulated by artificial components that can then create risks to humans and wildlife in its vicinity.


Working & Commuting

Working is a big part of people’s lives and can often impact our home lives too if not managed correctly. We wanted to create a natural form of protection that would equip individuals with the ability to better manage their work and home life, and any interferences that may encounter. Changes in working spaces, commuting, crucial communications and responsibility management are all areas that the Personal Harmonizer was developed for, giving you a harmonious space to work, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Harmonizer Personal - 3d Rotation
Harmonizer Personal - In Hand

Travelling & Exploring

Travelling for work or pleasure can be a tiring and stressful experience, partnered with family, friends and luggage to add additional stress to those involved. Using the personal harmonizer you can give yourself supportive and natural partners that will help you maintain clear, concise thinking throughout your trip and help you manage any negative influences you encounter. The abundant use of technology at airports, stations and cars can now be better managed, giving all travellers peace of mind and an environment that supports calmer travel.

The Benefits Of The Harmonizer Personal

Mobile Protection Wherever you Go: Keeping you safe against Harmful E-Smog & Energy Vampires

Constant Mobile Protection

More Inner strength, an Increased mood, and more positive vibes

Better Self, Mood, & Health

Better cell regeneration, and more support for the Immune system

Supporting the Immune System

Better deal with stress, stay centred, grounded, focused & relaxed, and keep your energy balanced

Manage Stress & Stay Grounded

Perfect also for treating body imbalances and managing the transition from work, to leisure, and fun!

Improved Life Balance


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